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The NIN definition

The NIN definition: National information network is the plat form for the broadband plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran, as a network of Internet-based networks with switches and routers and data centers, so that internal access requests for information stored in internal data centers by no means do not roam outside the country for the sole purpose of higher efficiency and providing for national cyber security infrastructure maturity; NIN allows the creation of intranet and private and secure internal networks.  : The NIN governing Requirements     A network of communication infrastructure with an independent management system;     A completely  independent and protected network interacting with other networks including Internet;     Ability to offer a variety of  content and a variety of global communication services for people with quality assurances mechanisms, including mobility;     capability of providing  a variety of secure services, including digital encryptio ... Read More

ICT Industry of Iran ICT Industry of Iran

Introduction of the Organization Introduction of the Organization

Considering the ever-increasing need of the country to construct and develop the computer networks and the connections between them and finally, to connect these networks to the international networks, and in order to establish necessary communication infrastructures for realizing these goals, and also in order to get access to information sources, Information Technology Organization of Iran began its services as a subset of Ministry of ICT in 1998. At the same time, with the change of the name of the Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone into the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology in 2005, some changes occurred in the subordinate companies. On this basis, the identity of the Data Communication Center changed during the summer of 2006 and its name changed into the Data Communication Company. During the summer of 2007, considering the developments in the targets and missions of the company, its name changed into “Information Technology Organization” in 2008... Read More